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The Utah Birth Stories Project provides online access to birth stories written by Utah community members. It offers the public a valuable resource for understanding the experience of childbirth in Utah through the words, images, videos, and audio of Utahans. Taken as a whole, the narratives of the archive help form part of Utah’s heritage through its culture of birth and family. The archive is made for the public, where anyone can go to search for birth stories submitted by Utahans. If you live in Utah, please help us build the archive by submitting a story or stories of the birth/s you’ve experienced using the submission form below.

Examples of Utah Birth Stories

Twin Home Birth Story

by Jackie Askvig, 2017

My birth story begins in January of 2016, before our twins were even conceived, because I’m thorough like that and because their story is so much more than just their birth. Continue reading…

Afton's Birth Story

All  photos and textual content are by Barbara Lindley (2019) and they are licensed under CC BY-ND.

This story begins with a name. That of which I’d heard when I was a little girl. Unfortunately, I was never able to meet the bearer of this name because she died before I was born. Afton was her name.  Continue reading…

Examples of Utah Video Birth Stories

Authors' Profile Picture - Walden's Home Water Birth

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