October 2012 Exhibit

History of the Eccles Lab School

The Eccles Early Childhood Development Lab provides an environment of optimum growth for children, their parents, and the students of the Family & Human Studies Department. 

The Eccles Early Childhood Development Lab is devoted to “developmentally appropriate practice” which is a framework of principles and guidelines that promotes children’s optimal learning and development. The Eccles Early Childhood Development Lab provides programs designed for children who are two through five years of age. The foundation of “developmentally appropriate practice” is the notion that children learn most effectively through active exploration. Each child has specific interests, curiosities and talents which are nurtured and enhanced.

Exploration Is Essential For The Learning And Growth Of Children

In the Eccles Early Child Development Lab School, each classroom provides children with a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities. The children experience a multi-sensory environment with opportunities for discovery and decision making. They also engage in interpersonal interactions, and situations that foster age appropriate independence. The classrooms are designed to help each child develop emotional, social, physical, and intellectual character.

In this online exhibit we have included some interactive activities and games which demonstrate how one can promote the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognition, creativity, brain development, and fun! 

Make a lite-brite, create sand art, make Pollock paintings, and explore your creative side. Embrace your inner child and try the games for yourself!

Digital Drawing
Abstract image creating using the one motion website
Virtual Art
Abstract image created using bomomo dot com website
Splatter Painting
Splatter Painting similar to Jackson Pollock. created using jackson pollock dot org
a Lite-Brite image of Oscar the Grouch
Visual Manipulation
Digital Effects created using website software on website "window seat dot C A"
Sand Painting
Sand Painting using website "this is sand dot com"

Physical Exhibit

Come to the Markosian library and experience the excitement of childhood. Follow the hand and foot prints to interactive displays featuring rock frame art, wall writing, photo slide show, a historic time line of the Eccles lab school, and of course art from the children themselves. So come explore the exhibit.  Write on the wall, make rock art, view the children’s art work displayed on the main floor, and relive the joy of childhood.

Story Time with Mother Goose Event

On Tuesday, October 16, 2012, SLCC Archives & Digital Collections hosted a “Story Time” event at the Redwood Markosian Library on the main floor. Mother Goose made a special appearance to read stories to children, students, and parents. Staff and supporters of the Eccles Lab School also joined the event. Everyone was able to explore the Exhibit, play with the rock art area, write on the butcher paper on the window, and the Eccles Children were able to show their artwork with their parents. In addition, story time was accompanied by, what else, cookies!  

Gift from the SLCC Libraries

The SLCC libraries want to encourage education and reading to even our youngest patrons. On Halloween SLCC librarians and staff gave a book and candy gift to each child at the Eccles Lab School. Happy reading and trick-or-treating!

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