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The Graphic Design Emphasis in the Visual Art & Design Department at SLCC is deeply committed to helping students prepare themselves for a career in the graphic design industry. Our students have gone on to work in advertising agencies, graphic design studios, freelance, and related areas. We have graduates working across the United States and even Austria! The Graphic Design program is very hands-on. We start our students in basic foundation courses: drawing, painting, graphic design history, and beginning design, type & layout classes. These foundation courses are what make our students excel. Although Graphic Design is always on the cutting edge of technology, a comprehensive knowledge of design principles & elements and historical foundation prepares our students for future problem solving.

The Program

After successfully completing these foundation classes, students learn to apply their knowledge in more rigorous advanced classes. Such as: advanced type & layout, advanced design and package design. Concurrently, Graphic Design expects students to become proficient in computer software classes and knowledge of print production design as well as web production design.

The Graphic Design capstone classes are the Portfolio Development class and Advertising Workshop class. In the Portfolio class, students begin to develop their portfolios for future job seeking. The Advertising Workshop class gives a sense of working in an agency and preparing presentations and proposals for clients.

The Graphic Design Emphasis is very proud of our program and the students who work above and beyond what is expected. Because of that, our graduates are successful our program is one of the largest at Salt Lake Community College.

INK Student Group

INK is an online source for Graphic Design students and professionals started in 2010 by two talented Salt Lake Community College Visual Art & Design alumni, Casey Kim and Nadya Bratt.

INK LogoINK is now totally supported by volunteer SLCC Visual Art & Design Graphic Design students and alumni & friends. We strive to help aspiring graphic designers get off on the right foot in their design and art careers. INK encourages creative and professional growth by providing access to job information, design news, scholarships, resources, advice, critiques, portfolio reviews and activities in an  environment to create genuine connections with other visual art students and creative professionals.

Kerry Gonzales, Associate Professor & Graphic Design Specialization Representative at Salt Lake Community College is the caretaker for INK and will continue to work with current and alumni VAD Graphic Design students to promote and support this endeavor.

Julianie McCray, SLCC VAD Graphic Design student, is the 2015 – 2016 site manager.

We invite everyone to follow INK!

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