Note: While many of the photos on these sites are in the public domain and are completely open access, some have more restrictive permissions. Be sure to check individual photo  along with site terms of use for copyright permissions .



  • Animal Photos – A collection of animal photos under Creative Commons licensing. Check each image for specific permissions
  • Art Images for College Teaching  – Hosted by the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, AICT features the work of photographer and art historian Allan Kohl. Images are free for non-commercial use 
  • Behold – Searches Flickr using visual filters in addition to tags and filenames. Behold also allows users to limit searches to free to use, free to modify, and free for commercial use
  • Classroom Aid – An extensive list of open multimedia, sound, and photo sources. The site also includes a link to the Creative Commons search page
  • Compfight – Enables users to custom search Flickr content. For open resources, limit to Creative Common’s images
  • Digital Public Library of America – A repository of resources from public and private institutions throughout the United States
  • EduPic Graphical Resource – A collection of photographs and drawings created by amateur photographer William Vann. Material is free for educational use by students and education professionals
  • Flickr: The Commons – A subsection of Yahoo’s Flickr created through a collaboration with The Library of Congress, where institutions and individuals can share photos that are in the public domain or have “no known copyright restrictions”
  • FlickrStorm – Searches Flickr using entered search terms as well related terms and tags. Used the advanced options to limit to images with Creative Commons licenses
  • Google Images – An image specific google search that allows users to sort results by copyright restrictions. To limit to open source resources, enter a search term, click “tools” underneath the search bar, then filter images by desired usage rights 
  • ImageBase – A collection of photos mostly taken by graphic designer David Niblack. Photos on ImageBase are free for any use
  • Liam’s pictures from Old Books – Images from a private collection of antique books. Content is typically free for non-commercial or educational use. Commercial use may require permissions
  • Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online – A collection of images curated by the Library of Congress, many of which are in the public domain. Be sure to check specific collections and images for copyright restrictions 
  • MorgueFile – Named after a term popular in the newspaper industry used to describe the reference files that held past issues, MorgueFile provides access to a myriad of photos, ranging from professional high-res photos to quirky amature pictures. The site requires no login and it’s license allows for remixing, commercial use, and combining the photos with additional content
  • National Gallery of Art  – A collection of downloadable images from the National Gallery of Art believed to be in the public domain
  • Open-i – The National Library of Medicine’s Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine retrieves images and abstracts from open medical collections. Open-i allows users to filter by license type
  • Public Domain Images – Another repository of public domain images
  • – An online repository of public domain images. These images are free for use, though commercial use may require extra permissions
  • WebResourcesDepot – A list of 12 free stock photo resources
  • Wikimedia Commons – This media repository is part of the Wikipedia project.  Most images are licensed with a Creative Commons License, but be sure to check each image for specific copyright information
  • Wylio  – Automatically limits Flickr search to Creative Commons content. Wylio also provides users with some built in tools to manipulate found images 
  • Yahoo Images – Yahoo’s search engine enables users to filter image searches by copyright permissions. To narrow search results, click on “Any License” and select the appropriate permissions


Clip Art



  • Internet Archive – An online library of video content contributed by Internet Archive users
  • Open Video Project – A collection of digital videos developed at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s Interaction Design Laboratory by a group of collaborators.
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