Scott Beadles

July – August 2017
Scott Beadles Bio
Scott Beadles is currently attending the University of Utah where he is pursuing a double bachelor’s degree in English and Fine Arts, with an emphasis in photography. Inspired by surrealist painters, his photographic work often details the ephemeral space existing within dreams and waking life. 
In an effort to enhance the Salt lake Community College Markosian Library at Redwood experience, Digital Archives is reaching out to local emerging artists working in a variety of transdisciplinary and traditional mediums to install work in the west alcove on the main floor of the library. Interested local emerging artists are invited to submit their work for a solo exhibition in the library (please review the policies & procedures and space requirements prior to submission.)

We are pleased to present our first local artists in this series to display work in the Salt Lake Community College Library at Redwood.

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