Melinda Frewin

March - June 2015
Melinda Frewin's Artist Statement

Having lived a lifetime in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, exploring the odd environment of the Great Salt Lake, and having fascination with Utah deserts, the dichotomy of life is the subject matter expressed through my art. Daily ideas concerning the management of our earth’s resources and how human beings are affected by it are my thoughts. I create works that present the beauty and interesting stories about our planet incorporating repurposed materials. Inspiration arises from endless colors, patterns, found objects, and the very air we breathe. I strive to create pieces that evoke small narratives and open viewers’ eyes to the fascinating mixture of all life that share our world.

The world is my toolbox and all mediums are my palette. At age 9, fabric sparked my creative process and the joy of textile has stayed with me since. Glass pops up now and then in my work and I love it because it comes from our beloved earth and is transformed through the process of fire.  Found objects always inspire stories in my head and through object making I can express that tale. My story objects are taken on field trips in search of venues to complete the details and finally photographed to provide the visual. The object may be installed for only a few minutes, but the story remains.

I want my art to raise awareness of the need to be responsible about all life around us. If people are conscious of what can be recycled, reused, or repurposed, we will be stewards to our earth including creatures great and small, and will be caregivers of each other.

Artist's Website:

In an effort to enhance the Salt lake Community College Markosian Library at Redwood experience, Digital Archives is reaching out to local emerging artists working in a variety of transdisciplinary and traditional mediums to install work in the west alcove on the main floor of the library. Interested local emerging artists are invited to submit their work for a solo exhibition in the library (please review the policies & procedures and space requirements prior to submission.)

We are pleased to present our first local artists in this series to display work in the Salt Lake Community College Library at Redwood.

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