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The Salt Lake Community College Institutional Repository provides access to an eclectic range of digitized materials. The collections feature digitized archival documents, photographs, and other media from the SLCC physical archives retained for accreditation and historical reference. The collections also feature unique digitized resources to support teaching and learning at SLCC as well as SLCC faculty and student scholarly and creative works. Additionally, the Institutional Repository is intended to function as an easily accessible and cost-effective platform to showcase the talent within the SLCC community as well as to be used as a curatorial, marketing, teaching, and learning tool.

For more information visit our institutional repository and the main SLCC Libraries website.

Historical Timeline of SLCC

Educational Initiatives & IR staff in the libraries have created an accessible SLCC History Timeline covering SLCC’s diverse history as it transformed from a local technical school to a regional award-winning community college. Feel free to click through the timeline and explore the numerous details we have uncovered from the college archives.

SLCC Digital Story of the Library

Throughout the 2013-2014 school year, Educational Initiatives & IR staff in the libraries collected thoughts in response to the prompt “What is a library?” from the SLCC Librarians and Staff. The objective of this project was to create a collaborative experience with the SLCC Library ecosystem that initiated a sense of community and connection to end-users. The project was quite successful for the staff, the librarians and for the students who participated in our participatory sculpture that housed this video. You can learn more about this project in the online exhibit page that covered the physical exhibit.

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